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At EyeSite Optical, we are committed to providing you with the best optical products, both eyeglasses and contact lenses, available. We choose our suppliers carefully and have the broadest choice of products available in the Tri-State. Whether it's your first pair of glasses or contact lenses or you are an experienced eyeglass or contact wearer, you can be assured we will help you make the right choices based on your prescription and vision needs.

There are many new lens options to make nearly every patient happier with contact lenses. We carry a wide selection of lenses so that we can choose the most compatible lens for your ocular health and for your lifestyle. We offer spherical, topic (for patients with astigmatism), and multi-focal contact lenses. Our skilled doctors can fit even the most difficult prescriptions in contact lenses.

Taking each individual into consideration, we have had success dispensing progressive eyeglass lenses including Varilux, Kodak, Sola lenses and others for many years. Lens options available including progressive, anti-reflective coating, tints, transition, polarized etc. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be happy to discuss the features and benefits at your next visit. It would be our pleasure to help you with your next eyewear purchase. At EyeSite Optical we look forward to seeing and helping you in the near future. We not only care how well you see, we care about the health of your eyes. We're not happy until you're happy.